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DRT Strategies, Inc.

Multichannel Advertising Campaign: Display, Digital, Outdoor, and Radio

DRT Strategies, Inc. (DRT) is a leading management and technology firm serving federal agencies and enterprise clients. A 10x Inc. 5000 growth company, DRT is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with offices in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, Atlanta, Georgia, and Kansas City, Missouri. DRT contracted with Geiger & Associates for the company's first multichannel advertising campaign, which integrated display, digital, outdoor, and radio advertising. A graduate of GSA's 8A program, the campaign was designed to raise DRT brand awareness for full and open competition.

Geiger & Associates delivered best-value, geo-targeted OOH media strategy and planning to maximize DRT's budget in meeting the DC Federal workerforce at the office, on the street, and around town. Advertising included Metro station banners and digital displays, railcar posters, bike-sharing street kiosks, plus drive-time radio and digital content alignment.

Advertising Services

DRT Multichannel Branding Campaign

  • Campaign consultation, ideation, and design,
  • Media strategy, planning, buying, coordination, and management,
  • Multichannel asset design and production; radio, digital, web, print, and display,
  • Advertising audience attribution and reporting,
  • Creative copy editing, and 
  • Vendor coordination and management.

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