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Merrill Data Site

Sales Support Folio

Merrill Corporation provides SaaS solutions for M&A, communications and secure business collaboration. Clients turn to Merrill when their need to manage complex content intersects with the need to collaborate securely around the globe.  Geiger & Associates was retained to assist with demand generation, marketing and sales support materials.

Geiger & Associates worked together with Merrill's agency of record to brand materials for Merrill DataSite's Virtual Data Room™.  In order to capture valuable face time and realtionship opportunities, a template and variable data approach was taken to simply Sales team administrative requirements. Geiger & Associates created a customizable marketing folio which offered Merrill DataSite Sales teams on-hand product information and easily personalized sales experiences.

Creative Design

Merrill Marketing and Sales Support Materials

  • Creative direction and design,
  • Content review, consultation, copy-fitting and edting, 
  • Graphic design and production,
  • Illustration/iconography,
  • Prepress to print-ready file, and
  • Coordination with Merrill partners.

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