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St. Mary's School and Parish

Highlighting balance and opportunity for potential students and families. 

Serving as agency of record for St. Mary's Parish School, Geiger & Associates worked with Advancement and Admissions offices to create a series of marketing folios designed together to inform prospective students and families of the many opportunities St. Mary's offers.

Individual folio designs were created for Academics, Athletics, and Fine Arts. Folios were first in a series of collateral elements, including Fall, Winter, and Spring Sports posters with updated School logo, fonts, and new fleur-de-lis banner design. The Moorings and other annual publications were redesigned using these new styles and assets to ensure brand continuity throughout the School and Parish.

Creative Design

St. Mary's School Marketing Package

  • Creative consultation, design strategy,
  • Content review and editing, 
  • Digital assets management; photography and graphics,
  • Digital design and production, 
  • Style guide; new logo and fonts, and
  • Print coordination and management

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