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St. Mary's Magazine

New design combines Fleur De Lis School and Moorings Parish publications.

St. Mary's School contracted with Geiger & Associates to create St. Mary's magazine, combining separate School and Parish Annual Reports into a single publication. A first for St. Mary's, the magazine echoes the vision set by the Redemptorists and St. Mary's Pastor, Fr. Tizio, "One School, One Parish, One Body."

Representing the largest parish within the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Geiger & Associates coordinated resources together with personnel from the President's Office and Advancement to School Events and Athletic Departments as well as St. Mary's Alumni Association in designing and producing over 100 pages cover-to-cover for the 1st Edition. 

Creative Design

St. Mary's Parish & School: St. Mary's Magazine 

  • Creative consultation, content collection and review,
  • Design strategy, art direction, photo selections, 
  • Cover-to-cover design, layout, and production,
  • Masthead and magazine graphics; charts, photo retouching, and
  • Prepress management to print-ready file and vendor coordination

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It's the best publication St. Mary's has ever produced. 

Fr. Tizio, St. Mary's Pastor